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Redundant and unstructured data hinders qualified lead generation and stumps digital engagement efforts increasing the sales cost exponentially. Marketing campaigns often suffer due to inaccurate, outdated, or limited data. Additionally, there could be challenges linked to not having enough look-alike accounts required to maximising net new prospects. Backed by over two decades of sales enablement experience, Denave’s Intelligent Database Management Service could just be the solution for you.

Over the years, we have have built a machine-learning based automated platform for synthesizing huge volumes of industry segmented data, quality checked by multiple automated and manual validation engines for verified company and contact information. In short, when you want a database provider who focused on the ROI of the campaigns, Denave’s Intelligent Database Management Service is a one stop answer that your business might be looking for.

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Access the untapped – even in highly specialized customer segments

Leverage our Intelligent Database Management Services (IDBMS) to reach out to key contacts of your target markets. Denver’s tech-powered B2B Database service leveraging automation and machine learning, ensures access to large volumes of contactable contacts and unique accounts in a remarkably shorter span of time. It also leverages Natural Language Processing (NLP) capability that helps in overcoming the challenges of market penetration in non-English speaking countries with the geo-specific accurate and refreshed databases. To ensure you get maximum output from the intelligent database, the constant automated cleansing of the contact data guarantees that your CRM data never reeks of any obsolescence.

The result is verified, structured, clean and on-demand generated B2B database – a dream come true for any lead generation campaign. And the cherry on the cake? You have upfront visibility to the quality score of the corporate database – so no more hitting the blind spot!

With benefits such as higher accuracy and speed, greater depth of profiling, reduction in manual errors, high volumes of clean, standardized and high-quality data, deeper market access and lower costs – the journey to achieve stellar market penetration could just start right away for your business!


Our Edge


Includes data depuplication, cleaning and standardisation for an effective prospect outreach


Includes data verification, enrichment and refresh services leading to enhanced sales prospecting output.


Includes basic and depth profiling services to kickstart your outreach campaigns

Case studies

Intelligent Database & Telesales Engine generated Pipeline Value of USD 5.65M

Denave’s Intelligent Database & Telesales engine generated pipeline value of $5.65M within 3 months


Whitespace Discovery Model generated over a Million New Opportunities

With Whitespace Discovery model, Denave generated over a million new opportunities


Generated USD 10 Million worth of PC Leads in Mid-Market segment

Denave enables stronghold in mid-market segment; generates USD 10 million worth of PC leads


Winning SMB Strategy Resulted in Incremental Revenue

Denave’s SMB penetration strategy has helped a leading technology firm to increase their customer base,



Other Services


Want to bridge the sales & marketing divide?


Looking for closure specialists to kickstart your sales funnel?



Looking for closure specialists to kickstart your sales funnel?


An intelligent database management system enables actionable insights and 360 degrees customer views quintessential for strategizing sales & marketing operations and business expansion campaigns. It delivers the power required to extract insights from large heaps of highly variable and unstructured data. Enterprises can leverage these customer data platforms and build overarching business benefits frameworks to gain competitive advantage over rivals, improve services layer respond rapidly to changing business trends and customer needs.

Enterprises can build laser-focussed strategies for

• Benchmarking and monitoring improvements or declines in campaign success
• Defining viable solutions for issues troubleshooting the marketing campaigns, and slowing down ROI
• Identifying common performance potholes of outreach programs
• Finding the best channel to contact customers.
• Identifying customer groups out of the prospect data
• Organizing prospects on demographics and other potential demographics, such as potential interests.
• Prioritizing valuable accounts.
• Personalizing marketing & outreach messages
• Increasing customer retention.

After the Covid-19 impact, enterprises are leaning heavily on database management systems as the pandemic has further reduced the customer facetime. Smarter enterprises are leveraging contactable databases to understand market dynamics and reach their target audience and generating consistent results in terms of revenue.
Enterprises are collecting the demographic, technographic, and firmographic, data to extract the sales intelligence or purchase behaviour required for sales & marketing campaigns. They are providing more tailored offerings to interactions for every customer and attracting potential prospects.

Over two decades of experience and gold standards to mine data for revenue generation campaigns are some of the inherent traits which distinguish Denave as one of the top b2b data providers in the world. As a leading b2b contact database provider, Denave provides answers to business questions, spots trends, and helps enterprises in making strategically wise decisions. Leading enterprises are harnessing our corporate database to get the right data for their demand generation campaigns. Enterprise don’t just buy database, they get the sales intelligence that helps them identify their ideal customer profile and understand market dynamics.

The Database is powered by powered by transcendent machine learning techniques and depth profiling to generates voluminous Net New Data for reaching the untapped customer base. Our expert database teams employ advanced Whitespace Discovery techniques to ensure that enterprises get access to accurate and contactable data for their next big campaigns. While gleaning insights, teams ensure that no dirt is dished out and only quality data is being processed into the database engine for the maximum yield.

Denave is an insight led b2b contactable database provider and our subscription-based pricing model strategically addresses the needs of customer-obsessed enterprises looking for hyper-personalization.

Enterprise are given an affordable access pass to unlock intuitive dashboards to evaluate data quality of our corporate database. Reach out to [email protected] for a free demo.

Our corporate database services have acquired a reputation for quality. We are passionate about quality and we provide the right metrics and levers to understand your prospects out-of-the-gate. This is one of the reasons that Denave is counted amongst the leading b2b data providers in the world.

Renowned enterprises in 50+ countries spreading across 500+ cities are leveraging our intelligent database management services to simplify their demand generation operations. Denave is a distinguished B2B contact database provides with successful foothold across the APAC, Europe region

Denave provides a totally transparent customer database complaint to all regulations and policies.

After receiving the Ideal Customer Profile from the customer, whitespace in the data is discovered within a week.

Denave provides the right levers to search the right executive name, designation, direct business email-id, co. name, address and board-line number, industry, employee size, etc. Enterprises get a huge opportunity to reach highly receptive audiences with the help of our database services. Our B2B data list also highlights customer preferences like demographic, technographic, and firmographic, purchase propensity, etc.

You can contact us directly with questions at [email protected]. We look forward to hearing about more of your success in the future!

Whitespace Discovery is the most sought-after capability or element which enterprises today look for while buying a prospect database. It’s a model to find out the gap between one’s Total Addressable Market and the current reach they have had. It helps enterprises in mining the highest value or most immediate revenue generation opportunities from prospect data, i.e., key clients, industry groups, etc. Read Whitespace discovery: Improving lead generation exponentially blog to know how this capability can help you in improving the online lead generation process and reaching the low hanging fruits


The data is refreshed in real-time before delivery because there is no manual intervention. It is done with the help of technology.

Denave uses credible public sources and proprietary bots to build a B2B database.

We commit a conservative accuracy of 80%, which can vary (on the higher side) for specific industry/ function levels.

Yes, we match and append the data and fortify it with the latest information. Data template can be customised to best suit client’s CRM. As a part of the data cleaning service we ensure that the prospect data is frequently refreshed on with deep profiling. This consistently enhances data intelligence for revenue maximisation

Yes, post-sales support is available for the entire subscription duration